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My mission is to make sure you put your best foot forward. Which path you take is up to you.

My LinkedIn & Resume Strategy Packages include coaching to make sure you have a concrete plan that is taking you in a direction that’s right for you.

For big life changes, the commitment to a series of career coaching sessions ensures I’m with you every step of the way, helping you adapt your plan as your vision develops.

Got a smaller budget? Why not try some DIY — getting started is just one click away.

Whichever path you take, know that from here on you’ll have a compass in hand to guide you to success.


LinkedIn & Resume Strategy


Today LinkedIn is re-defining the art of resume writing and professional networking. Without it, it’s hard to be seen — and even harder to be discovered — in the world of work.

Recent research has shown that 85% of jobs are filled via networking. And LinkedIn is a professional network of over 575 million people.

With an optimized LinkedIn profile and a human-voiced resume, you will clearly target and map your career path, distinguishing yourself from the competition. 

For the job seeker, I offer LinkedIn & Resume Strategy, starting with the Career Compass for a targeted job search and the Guidestar for executives and individuals that value additional job targeting and or career coaching.

For businesses I offer custom packages that we can tailor to your needs. I also offer custom services to recent graduates, young professionals and veterans. Contact me directly to see how I can help.

Career Compass Package

What to expect: A human-voiced, professional resume plus a LinkedIn profile delivered in an easy-to-use, illustrated report. Just follow the steps to optimize your profile.

  • I write human-voiced, professional resumes to accurately target your ideal job title (and up to three similar positions). Readable for both applicant tracking systems and real people.
  • Professional LinkedIn profile summary, ready to copy/paste to your profile.
  • A detailed LinkedIn report to optimize your profile with a careful analysis of each section; this includes specific action items for each section and an explanation of why you need to take specific actions.
  • Recommendations for an improved Profile Picture, Background Image & Headline.
  • Final review: once you’re ready, I make sure your profile is accurately and effectively targeting your ideal audience, and give you feedback if necessary.

Guidestar Package

Everything included in the Career Compass plus:

  • Customized job targeting or job search support from goal setting to networking or interview strategy.
  • Two 1-hour coaching calls with me to support you in your career strategy where it counts most. Each call is customized to your needs and can cover topics such as: identifying the right job or employer; researching company culture; using LinkedIn; preparing for interviews, or learning how to network effectively.
  • A brief Zoom video screen share to teach you how to modify your resume and or LinkedIn profile to target specific jobs, conduct a stealth job search, or write an effective cover letter.
  • As needed: goal setting or interview worksheets that will help you feel prepared and confident about your job search.

Find your Guidestar:

LinkedIn Strategy, resume and career coaching — $599

Orient Your Compass:

LinkedIn & Resume Package — $399

LinkedIn & Resume Package Timeline
  • You click one of the buttons above to book your initial call with me. We’ll go over any questions you may have, and confirm a start date.
  • I’ll send you my proposal and contract to sign online.
  • You can pay online via Paypal or other payment services proposed through my online contract.
  • I’ll share a Career Targeting Questionnaire and Work History Form with you once I receive your payment. I’ll need these and your payment to start work.
  • You’ll receive your easy-to-use, ready-to-implement Resume, and LinkedIn Strategy within 10 business days after sending me the completed questionnaire and form.

Guidestar Package only:

  • You can book your Career Coaching calls at your convenience through a link I’ll send you.
  • The best time for your first call is once you’ve filled in your questionnaire and form, but before I complete your resume or send you your LinkedIn Strategy.
  • The best time for the second call is once we’ve completed your resume and profile and you are ready to take the next steps.

That’s it, the world of work is your oyster!

Got more questions about how I work? See my FAQs

Want something more?

Package Extras:

  • Additional human-voiced, professional resumes written to target other job titles (including up to three similar positions per resume). Readable for both applicant tracking systems and real people. — $125 per resume
  • Cover letter or networking letter that includes targeted use of the information you give for your LinkedIn Strategy Package — $75 per letter
  • Freelance or digital nomad transition strategy or career pivot — FREE! I’ll adapt your LinkedIn Strategy Package specifically for your new direction.
  • Not entirely sure where you’re going? Or do you need a plan for accountability or networking? Additional Career Coaching — $125 per call

Be BOLD ~ Visionary LinkedIn Strategy for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

If your business is growing, you’re seeking out new clients, you focus on B2B business, or your profile page doesn’t accurately represent your professional activities, you need a personal profile overhaul and a company LinkedIn page with a clear strategy.

The Visionary LinkedIn package guides you in focusing your LinkedIn strategy, saving you time and energy. After completing my initial questionnaire and having a short free consultation call, I’ll custom build your package to suit your needs.

Standard  features:

  • A LinkedIn strategy coaching call over Zoom video to identify and set company marketing and PR goals for LinkedIn.
  • We’ll look at all that LinkedIn has to offer and determine which features are best for your company — including InMail, publishing, video and advertising options.
  • A detailed LinkedIn report to optimize your Personal Profile and your Company or Professional Profile with a careful analysis of each section; this includes specific action items for each section and an explanation of why you need to take specific actions.
  • I’ll edit your existing content or provide complete, ready-to-implement LinkedIn page content, along with guidance on how to set it up.

Optional Extras (prices vary):

  • A review and rewrite of employee pages (priced per page, with a discount for multiple pages)
  • LinkedIn strategy calendar for  3, 6 or 12 months
  • Networking webinar, tips, and checklists for employees
  • Quarterly LinkedIn strategy reviews and coaching
  • Custom company branded banners for employee pages and your company page


The Visionary LinkedIn Strategy packages start at $999 and are tailored to your needs. Order your Visionary LinkedIn Package Today! 

A one-off LinkedIn Strategy session is $125 for a 1-hour strategy call.

Not sure why you need a company LinkedIn page? Watch this video or read my blog post to find out.

Career Coaching

Career Pivots, Career Strategy, Accountability and More. 

Coaching can take a number of forms. My signature coaching package, “Make Your Mark,” is designed for women in career transition; parents re-entering the workforce; and, women who wish to level up their career or build a career as a digital nomad (aka remote).  

I also work with a few men; veterans, expats, and others with unexpected life paths. If the universe brought you here, let’s chat and see if it’s a good fit.


Audre Lorde

Make Your Mark


Coaching for Career Transition

According to the London School of Economics “Over the last 30 years, women’s labor force participation has fallen from 52 to 49 percent globally, compared to 75 percent for men. Women are half as likely as men to have full-time jobs, and those who do can earn up to one-third less than their male counterparts.”

My mission is to change that.

Read More & Book

If you are a working woman of any socio-economic, ethnic or cultural background, if you are a mother or anyone who has experienced time out of the workforce to care for family members or yourself, you know all too well that finding both work you love, and that meets your financial goals can be a challenge. Too often we settle for “good enough” and take the first job or work that comes our way because we “think we should.”


My mission is to change that, too.

Make Your Mark Package


This is an 8-week career coaching program and a LinkedIn Profile/Resume package designed for women ages 35 to 55 who are re-entering the workforce or ready to make a career pivot.

I will help you:

  • Rediscover your inspiration by reviewing your career history.
  • Clarify your passions and strengths.
  • Identify your needs and distinguish your “I shoulds” from your “I cans”
  • Orient your career compass and set your path.
  • Write a human-voiced resume and stellar LinkedIn profile*
  • Build your networking muscle and Interview strategy. *

*Normally worth $599 as a Guidestar Package


During Make Your Mark

  • We will have 1-hour coaching calls supported by worksheets and personal exploration.
  • Once you have designated your career path, we will dive into my Guidestar Package to create a resume, LinkedIn profile and provide you with a customized interview and networking strategy.
  • Once your resume and LinkedIn profile report are complete, we will have two additional zoom video calls to explore targeting your resume to specific jobs, networking on LinkedIn and also go over interview strategy, as well as, deciding which jobs to target and which jobs to ignore.
  • This is an action-packed — but impactful — coaching program designed to be completed in 8 to 12 weeks.

Make Your Mark:

8- to 12-week coaching program + Guidestar Package — $1200

Tailored Career Coaching


Coaching for All

As a coach, I hold the space for you to explore and define your own path. Through active listening and direct communication, I guide you in answering your own questions and setting goals. I help you to see clearly, follow your intuition, and move forward to a carer you love.

Read More & Book

Not sure which service is best suited to your needs?

As a coach, I hold the space for you to explore and define your own path. Through active listening and direct communication, I guide you in answering your own questions and setting your path. I help you to see clearly, follow your intuition, and choose your path.

In order for coaching to have a real, positive impact, I request that clients commit to a minimum of 4 coaching sessions.

Prefer to pay in full, upfront? That’s great — you get a 10% discount.

Feeling lost? Let’s reboot your inner GPS.

Maybe you’ve got the self-confidence, you’ve got the experience, but you are not sure what you want to do next.

Perhaps you need help differentiating the “I shoulds” from the “I cans” or “I want tos.”

What if you’ve been applying for jobs, but bottoming out on the interviews?


In one-hour strategy sessions, I listen to where you’ve been, help you to orient and find your focus, be confident in your choices and define your path.  I consider you as a unique individual and hold the space for you to orient your compass for success.


Generally, these are weekly or bi-weekly sessions to explore, help you find your confidence, and reboot your inner GPS.


1-hour Zoom Video or Phone Coaching Calls — $150 per session

Structuring a Career Pivot, Goal Setting and Accountability.


Maybe you know what path you want to take, but you lack the structure or the confidence to go after your goals.


I work with you through calls and the implementation of various tools from goal setting, to structuring a career pivot, creating a vision board or weekly accountability and job search strategy sessions. Each session is structured to support your overarching career and/or job search goals.


Before we start work I’ll have you complete a questionnaire and we will set an overarching goal, as well as a goal for for each session.


1-hour Zoom Video Coaching + accompanying material and email support — $200 per session

Orient Your Career Compass

If you are totally lost and simply don’t know what you can do for a career, I will work with you to explore your options, identify your strengths, build your confidence and rekindle your excitement about work.


Maybe you need a career pivot, maybe you want to go back to school, maybe you want to start your own business, maybe you just need a new job in the same field. You have to do the work, but I will be your guide, introducing you to options and processes that can help you to gain personal insight and orient your career compass.


Generally, this process requires a minimum of 6 coaching sessions and is best done in combination with LinkedIn Strategy (and resume) package.


1-hour Zoom Video Coaching + accompanying material, research, and accountability — $250 per session

My Coaching Background

My coaching programs build upon my diverse experience working with clients and my passion for guiding you to fulfilling work.

My skills and techniques developed from and are founded in my work in human resources and management, nonprofit management, leadership, community development, and management training.

In addition, I am actively pursuing credentialing as an International Federation of Coaches (ICF) Associate Certified Coach. This means that I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and I am focused on cultivating the ICF Core Competencies. When we start work we will sign a contract of coaching services that defines payment terms and that also establishes a Coaching Agreement.

Got more questions about how I work? See my FAQs

Downloadable/Buy Direct

Insight From Hindsight


Transform your Resume and/or LinkedIn profile with a Live Zoom audit and coaching session.

Write Your Resume Right


Workbook + Video.

Easy-to-use guidelines for an eye-catching, human-voiced resume.

Learn how to not only tell your past but build your future with your resume!

Coming soon

How to Find Work You Love with LinkedIn

$30  (Preorder only $15)

Detailed LinkedIn Workbooks + Video Course to attract work & build your authority wherever you are in the world.

February 15, 2019 Release

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Write My LinkedIn Today!


A step-by-step guide for writing your own profile. 

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Not sure which service is best suited to your needs?

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