I’m Alison Rakotonirina

Career & Life Crafting Coach | Social Impact Catalyst

Learn to build your mental fitness, craft your career, and design your life to flourish.

Be You & Flourish Course

12-weeks to cultivate agency, resilience, courage, clarity, and connection to your authentic voice. Learn to be your own agent of change. A unique small group coaching program that builds mental fitness and sets the stage for a successful career in a social impact field that ignites your life.

Launches in Sept 2021

Work With Me

Understand your values & purpose.

Celebrate your strengths.

Get unstuck.

Be the best version of yourself.

Narrative Crafting

Learn how to tell your story. Effectively align your values, strengths, and experiences to those of the work you seek.  Whether it’s your first job, your next job, managing a job gap, or a pivot, tell your story with confidence.

An effective resume or professional narrative distinguishes you from the crowd. Do not let humility be mistaken for mediocrity.

Professional Narrative Workshop: Resume Coaching

LinkedIn Success & Strategy

Premium Resume Service

Career Crafting

Unhappy at work? Want a new job or already plotting a pivot? Understand what’s got you stuck and then get customized support and accountability from values mapping to embracing your strengths and confidently understanding what you need. to craft a fullfilling career. Embrace a life-organizing professional goal that gives you a sense of direction and purpose. Then, learn to tell your career story with confidence.

Nail your pivot or re-entry to the workforce.  Launch your social impact business. Be confidently you. Be brave. Be Bold.  

Life Crafting

What is your direction? What is your purpose? Have you found your Ikigai? What would it be like to be fully present? My work in Life Crafting and Mental Fitness is a holistic exploration that blends concrete knowledge and evidence-based tools with your unique goals and life story. The evidence between mental fitness and self-awareness (values, strengths, needs, meaning & purpose) is solid.

I invite you to work with me to embrace the impact you want to make on your personal Life or the wider world. Your personal experience of meaning & purpose starts within you and your need to live an authentic and wholehearted life.


I had the great opportunity to work with Alison for coaching as I explored career growth this past year. In my experience, she listens for and helps clients express their best selves. Her thoughtful approach to coaching helped me take new ground in putting words to my deeper goals and purpose-professionally and personally. Through our sessions, I gained confidence in pursuing meaningful contributions in the professional path ahead. I would highly recommend Alison’s compassionate and impactful coaching services.



“Alison was a tremendous help to me in crafting a resume that helped me make a transition in both field and function. Between the different exercises and assessments, Alison assigned to me; our regular check-in calls; and seeing the progress each week as we co-created my new materials together; the entire process was fantastic. Alison really takes the time to get to know you the person behind the resume. She was instrumental in ensuring that my personality and the true breadth and depth of my skill set was made clear in the resume. I’m thankful to Alison for her expert guidance and support: I highly recommend Alison’s services to anyone looking to update – or even completely re-imagine – their resume and LinkedIn profiles.


People Operations

Before working with Alison, sending my resume to any-one job took hours to tailor and re-organize, and communicating my story in an initial phone screen was a hit or miss — so I limited the opportunities I would reach out about and was in a big rut. Immediately when we worked together on my resume, she was able to understand who I was, my strengths and aspirations, and very quickly created a resume that read in my voice. I continued to hire her as a coach as I applied to a job that I did not even admit was my dream job because I felt it was out of reach. She knocked that thought down right away, set me up for success with the necessary confidence and supported me every step of the way as I quickly went through multiple rounds of interviews and ended up landing the job. Work with Alison! She has great intuition, emotional intelligence and knowledge of many industries, which not only helps her to help you highlight your soft skills but she also masterfully advises and proofreads communication among all parties throughout the job application and interview process


Public Relations

I hired Alison to coach me through an important negotiation with a freelance client. I was concerned about how to approach the conversation and worried I might trip myself up in the process. It was a point of anxiety for a few weeks. With just one call, Alison settled my nerves completely and helped me craft an approach that worked perfectly: my client agreed to every request and suggestion, including a significant increase in my rate AND more holidays. At the same time, she helped me frame my work with a more long term view, and how to tie Linkedin and online networking into my overall career goals going forward. Working with Alison has already proven a great investment, and one I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to anyone looking for personalized, thoughtful and conscientious help with their career.


Digital Nomad

Why Me?


My calling is to support you in designing your destiny and then telling your story with confidence and joy. Whether you want a new job, a new mindset, a different way of approaching relationships, or a variation of all of the above, we can uncover what you are committed to today, and transfer that to your success tomorrow.

My coaching journey started with many years ago with mentoring and advising my peers, fellow students and employees. In 2013 I made my own leap of faith, quitting a job I loved to move overseas. This lead to ghostwriting and resume writing, followed by studies in applied positive psychology and life coaching. 

In doing this work, I’ve been touched deeply by the vulnerabilities and dreams of my clients. I’ve seen how even women with master’s degrees, MBAs, PhDs, and four kids or men with 20 years of experience or fresh out of university struggle with their own voice, to set boundaries, or take the leap to go after their ideal job or life.

I’ve learned that regardless of our diverse journeys that we are all committed to something. My work is to help you to blaze your own unique path. 

To flourish and make an impact, you need to create and commit to your own vision.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Flourishing on your terms, your definition and experience of success will not be the result of luck, but rather careful thought, planning, and preparation. In this, I am your coach and your champion, your guide, and sometimes your teacher. When needed, I am also your cheerleader, connector, and partner in accountability.

This work is my calling, my passion, and my art. I am continually learning, improving, and expanding. Curious? Reach out today.