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  • Think you need a new job? Read this.
    The art of job crafting: How you see the relationship between who you are and your work is crucial to your well-being and your success. What happens when you focus on what is right about your job or your life? What might you do more of or less of to relieve stress? What is an underlying belief or expectation that you might see differently?
    I AM NOT FREE IF YOU ARE NOT FREE. The first time that I recall being conscious of Juneteenth was two years ago today. Sitting in my office (a corner in our unused dining room), finishing up some work before packing our house to move, I saw something flash on my screen about “Juneteenth.” What’s […]
  • How to Launch a Successful Job Search in a Recession
    One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers make is to cast their net as wide as possible in the hopes of catching as many fish as possible. The problem is — you only *need* one job. This means that before you even write your resume, your best bet is to dig deep and […]
  • WHY Successful People Work with A Career Coach
  • You Are Enough: How To Stop Feeling Less Than The Masterpiece You Are
    In today’s world, society has created so many parameters by which to measure our importance. Women feel a massive amount of pressure to conform to a certain profile in order to worthy and accepted.