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Hey! I'm Alison.

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. 

Career Coach. Life Coach. Guide. 

Strategic Writer. Resume Writer. 

Friend. Advisor. Companion. 

As the American wife of a retired French soldier and the mother of children born in France & raised in Madagascar, I’ve had a few blips and bumps in my career and life. 

My passion is helping my fellow citizens of the world to find work they love, to define their own success and to live with direction and purpose.  


Work you love.



Why Freedom? Because as humans we thrive on the ability to choose our destiny and manage our lives.

Why Fun? Because life is what happens when we are busy worrying about tomorrow. Have a little fun each day, and you’ll flourish in life.

Define Success: I believe that success comes not just from earning an income, but also from doing work that gives us a sense of purpose, usefulness, and belonging. As a global citizen, I see the freedom and opportunity presented to each of us through the ability to share knowledge and to communicate over the internet.

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