LinkedIn invites you to define and differentiate your professional narrative; it empowers you to take the lead when it comes to directing YOUR career and YOUR future. Find work you love with LinkedIn.

~ Alison Rakoto

How to Find Work You Love with LinkedIn!

 When Microsoft bought LinkedIn, I quickly recognized the power and the potential of LinkedIn’s profile platform. Today I couldn’t take myself seriously as a career coach, business coach or resume writer, without also being a LinkedIn master, so that is what I have become.

This master class is a combination of short videos and a robust workbook to walk you through each part of your LinkedIn profile, with a particular emphasis placed on guiding you to create a professional image and narrative.

Each section explains both the purpose and the theory behind what you need to do, with simple questions and fill-in-the-blanks that make it easy for you to identify your goal for LinkedIn, your target audience and, then write a profile that guides you to achieving that goal.

Investing quality time in your LinkedIn profile is the best and most significant impact you can make today for a career you love.

Just do it.

The future belongs not to those who wait, but to those who act.

Thought-Leader or Retiree:

You’ve made it — you’ve achieved your goals and now you are ready to share your expertise with the world. LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. The biggest mistake you want to avoid? A profile that is written in the cold and unapproachable style of classic PR bio. If you want to share your wisdom and grow your following you need to not only demonstrate your brilliance, but also your humanity. This class will guide you to creating an approachable and effective profile that targets exactly the audience you most want to reach!

How will I benefit from this career investment?

Job Seeker (traditional or remote):

Today LinkedIn is re-defining the art of resume writing and professional networking. Without it, it’s hard to be seen — and even harder to be discovered — in the world of work.

Recent research has shown that 85% of jobs are filled via networking. And LinkedIn is a professional network of 575 million people. With an optimized LinkedIn profile, you will clearly target the work you want and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Entrepreneur, Small Biz Owner or Freelancer:

LinkedIn should be considered and incorporated into your personal branding and marketing kit. As you grow and cultivate your business overtime be sure to continually update your profile to show your growth. And always watch your engagement — just because you’ve got engagement doesn’t mean you are successfully engaging and reaching the right people.


***Coming Soon: Course to be released in January 2019***


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