LinkedIn invites you to define and differentiate your professional narrative; it empowers you to take the lead when it comes to directing YOUR career and YOUR future. Find work you love with LinkedIn.

~ Alison Rakoto


Find Your Next Gig or Grow Your Authority

As a career coach, the single most valuable piece of advice that I can provide to YOU is to OWN YOUR STORY.

Today, LinkedIn is the place where any professional in the world can both own and define her own story.

I joined LinkedIn in 2005 and just a few months later in 2006, I witnessed my first successful career pivot thanks to the personal branding abilities of LinkedIn.

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016, I quickly recognized the growing power and the influential power of LinkedIn’s profile platform.

To give you the upper hand, I’ve created a robust workbook to walk you through each part of your LinkedIn profile, with a particular emphasis placed on guiding you to create a professional image and narrative

For the last 3 years, I’ve focused on learning everything I can about how LinkedIn works and how people use LinkedIn. Every time I give a LinkedIn talk, lecture or profile report my audience is thrilled with the insights and lessons I provide, in addition to the clarity and confidence gained. In the workbook, I’ll guide you in specific writing tasks and explain why. 

Investing quality time in your LinkedIn profile is the best and most significant impact you can make today for a career you love.

If you want a little extra help, check out my LinkedIn Audit (Insight Session) and or profile writing services!

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