Is Your key to professional success this Decade

As a career coach, the single most valuable piece of advice that I can provide is to OWN YOUR STORY.

Today, LinkedIn is the place where any professional in the world can both own and define her own story.

I joined LinkedIn in 2005 and just a few months later in 2006, I witnessed my first successful career pivot thanks to the personal branding abilities of LinkedIn. Over the years I’ve seen this happen again and again.

I’ve even seen folks get their dream job by going from 8 connections to merely 85, simply because they had the right information to attract the right leads. 

Over the last 15 years LinkedIn has influenced how we write resumes. And, it’s become the crucial go-to platform through which individuals across diverse domains and fields of work can achieve stretch goals . 

If you are ready to launch a pivot, up-level your current position or otherwise maximize your professional situation your LinkedIn profile is the first place to start. 

Why is this true? Follow the practical steps in my tutorial to find out.

In the tutorial I will guide you to not only write with a human voice, but I will also ask you to dig deeper to define your natural talents, highlight your learned strengths and align your values in action with your work. Overall the tutorial will help you to construct an authentic professional narrative that accurately and powerfully reflects who you are as a professional. 

With this narrative you will not only be able to write an effective LinkedIn profile you will be positioned to share your narrative with the confidence and joy needed to build your unique image as a professional.

For the last 5 years, I’ve focused on learning everything I can about how LinkedIn works and how people use LinkedIn. Every time I give a LinkedIn talk, lecture or profile report my audience is thrilled with the insights and lessons I provide, in addition to the clarity and confidence gained. In my tutorial you will get this same unique knowledge that will allow you to understand how to write a profile that applies to YOUR situation and not anyone else’s. 

Investing three or four hours of time in your LinkedIn profile is the best and most significant impact you can make today for a career you love.

LinkedIn invites you to define and differentiate your professional narrative; it empowers you to take the lead when it comes to directing YOUR career and YOUR future. Find work you love with LinkedIn.

~ Your Coach, Alison Rakotonirina