Thank you, for your interest in working with me!

I’ve created this FAQ to answer some common questions and ensure that my clients and I start work on the same page, with a clear understanding of our obligations.

  • TIME ZONE: I am an American serving an international and an American market. Although I my home office is in based out of Boulder, CO (USA) I am often working from overseas. 
    • My current timezone is GMT + 3 and I am in Madagascar. 
    • This is a great Timezone converter if you want to figure out what time it is in Madagascar!
    • My Calendly Client Calendar automatically adjusts for time zones, so schedule your appointments with me in YOUR timezone without any hassles!
  • AVAILABILITY: I work and respond to my email on Monday thru Friday. I am not available to work on Saturday or Sunday. This separation of work and family life means that when I do my job, I am 100% focused and dedicated to providing the best content possible for my clients. If you are looking for a freelancer available on the weekends, please do not hire me!
  • SCHEDULING: Please realize that I work with several clients at the same time, so I must plan my schedule accordingly. I schedule clients at least one week or more in advance. I am usually not available for rush or urgent work. To provide the best quality work possible, I must respect my work schedule and not rush projects for you or any other clients. If you take more than 48 hours to respond to my proposal or an email, I may not be able to honor my initial proposed time frame. I may need to adjust my schedule according to previously scheduled projects. I prefer to deliver projects within ten business days or two weeks from the time I receive all materials, including payment. See option “c” above regarding staying on schedule!
  • RUSH JOBS: I prefer not to take rush jobs. Asking the right questions and mindfully constructing your professional documents takes time and several revisions. If you are in dire need of a rush job, please feel free to ask. I will accommodate your needs if I can do so without an adverse effect on my already scheduled client work. There will be a rush fee associated with any rush job.
  • PAYMENT: I take payment to start work. Any additional services, such as cover letters or extra coaching, generally will be invoiced at the time of work. I accept payment via PayPal or Credit Card using ANDCO. All applications handle international currencies.
  • GUARANTY: If you have any concerns about my work, be sure to let me know as I deliver work that meets and exceeds client expectations. I will make it right, whatever it takes.
  • PROCESS:  I use a proprietary questionnaire to seek out additional details about your work history and professional personality to develop your narrative and brand. This questionnaire is the foundation of “my soul detective” work. Please do your best to answer these questions from your “gut.” These are the most sincere and accurate answers. Rest assured all that you share with me remains confidential.
  • IF YOU ARE REMOTE – HOW CAN WE TALK? Before we start work, if necessary, I will provide a complimentary 15-minute consult call (I can call you). Speaking over the phone or Zoom voice or video cal allows me to get to know you holistically and may offer insights that do not appear in your written responses. I will let you know if we need to speak after I receive your completed questionnaire. We can achieve all communication by email; however, please do prepared to connect briefly by voice, if necessary. Occasionally our schedules do not jive that’s ok too.
  • COMMUNICATE: Communicate and give me feedback throughout our time together. Please respect my work hours and respond to emails or requests for additional information promptly.  I love working with my clients, getting to know them and providing them with stellar work. I am an overachiever, and I aim to please! I respond to all emails received from Monday through Thursday within 24-hours or less. I reply to emails received on Friday and over the weekend, on Monday.
  • TESTIMONIALS AND REVIEWS: When our work is complete, I will send you a brief follow-up survey. Your genuine feedback is precious to my process and ensures that I continue to provide my clients a valuable service. My contract will also include permissions for me to use “before and after” shots of your LinkedIn or other social accounts for my portfolio. Please notify me if you would like this clause removed.

I look forward to working together!