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These articles serve to help you find and keep work you love. Use them as a guide, as a resource. Share them, ask questions, and engage yourself in finding work you love!

Design a Career of FREEDOM & PURPOSE

Looking for purpose? Want a career you love? Ready to get out of the rat-race?

This is science-based juicy stuff broken into easy to absorb chunks to walk you through from dream to plan to action (5 to 20 minutes per day)!


Hate LinkedIn? Here is why you should love it.

Hate LinkedIn? Here is why you should love it.

This article is all about how to use LinkedIn: anyone can use LinkedIn to support their professional growth. From traditional employee to organic farmer to freelancer, LinkedIn is for all professionals. Quick Quiz: Should I be on LinkedIn? Do you work for the CIA or...

What is your performance profile?

🚙  Family car or 🏎  race car? 🚜  Tractor or high-speed train? What is your performance profile? When you commit to a vehicle you consider it’s performance profile: what features and levels of reliability do you need in a car? That yellow...

All About Resumes

All About Resumes

Siri, why do I need a resume? Good Question. Siri, resumes are confusing! I’m just trying to help you. Siri, tell me how to write a resume. I’m on it… Into to the Future? Or Back to the Past...? If you ask Siri for resume help, she will give you a  list of resume...

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