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Hate LinkedIn? Here is why you should love it.

Quiz: Should I be on LinkedIn? Do you work for the CIA or another clandestine organization? Are you in a witness protection program? Are you over the age of 18? No. No. Yes. If you answered the previous questions -- no, no, and yes -- then you should be on LinkedIn. I...

What is your performance profile?

🚙  Family car or 🏎  race car? 🚜  Tractor or high-speed train? What is your performance profile? When you commit to a vehicle you consider it’s performance profile: what features and levels of reliability do you need in a car? That yellow corvette might be gorgeous,...

All About Resumes

Siri, why do I need a resume? Good Question. Siri, resumes are confusing! I’m just trying to help you. Siri, tell me how to write a resume. I’m on it… Into to the Future? Or Back to the Past...? If you ask Siri for resume help, she will give you a  list of resume...