Group Career Coaching

Becoming You.


Do you feel alone on your path?

Would you like to be part of an inter-generational coaching journey for women ready to connect their lives and their work to a sense of purpose and a life of joy?



Have you ever wished you could “fix” yourself? 

What if you could see yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, in all their glory, as what MAKES YOU, YOU.

What if you then had the tools to take this information and BECOME YOU?

What would YOU do?

Embrace you. Be you

Powerfully, connected, purpose-driven you. 

Are you curious? But unbelieving? Watch the video. 

As your Coach and Group Facilitator I will guide you to understand and create your mindset so that you can find work and a balance in your life that is built upon:


Satisfaction with the Past

Happiness in the Present

Optimism for the Future


12 Group Sessions +

3 Personal  Coaching +

1-Year of Accountability support

Becoming You.

Group Coaching for women who are ready to create their own empowering professional narrative.

For women who are serious about building their own future and defining their own success.

 Becoming You includes:

+ Live group coaching over Zoom facilitated by Alison.

+ A supportive group of like-minded women.

+ Activities to guide you to find/refine your purpose.

+ Learning to set AND meet goals. 

+ Learning to be okay with change.

+ Learning to manage mindset with reframing, reflection, savoring, relaxation and meditation. 

+ Challenges and readings to do on your own. 

+ Positive Psychology tools to build GRIT.

+ A 12-Month MasterMind Group and and accountability partner to launch you in the New Year!


Evidenced-based. (positive psychology) 

How It Works

Group coaching participants will experience and learn from evidenced-based research and tools that have been positively demonstrated to help us stay in the present moment; to experience what it means to be both prepared and flexible; to build connections and be vulnerable; to connect our work with our purpose: and, build the belief that pretty much everything is figure-out-able.
We will combine group coaching with homework and private sessions using appreciative inquiry, specific exercises, breath work, career surveys, and goal setting.
  • Centering Exercises: these are technically short breathing
    exercises and meditations.
  • Lessons & Activities: Values, Strengths, Needs, Interests,
    Purpose, Goal Setting, Planning, Taking Action and
  • Breakouts: to build understanding, self-awareness and
    practice speaking authentically about our own story.
  • Intention Setting: activities to grow mindfulness and self-regulation, learn about ourselves, practice self-compassion and deepen the power.
The outcome. (find work you love)

Participants will be empowered to cultivate positive self-awareness; practice self-compassion; make space for self-care, and build a foundation for professional flourishing aligned to a sense of PURPOSE and built on a foundation of HOPE. Eudaimonic Wellbeing.

Why Group Coaching? Because we are often taught we have to do it all and do it alone. The fact is that other people matter. We all need a community. This work done in community is magnified. Working in a group increases our accountability, and builds positive affect. Hope. Action. You are not alone.


I’m Alison

Long fascinated by what drives human motivation and success, I remember as early as kindergarten, observing my classmates, and trying to understand what made people tick.

At the age of ten, I read a book ‘on lost civilizations’ which led me to wonder, how and why do humans create systems and cultures? What do humans need to innovate and discover? How can a civilization just up and disappear?

I went to university with these questions in mind. Studying anthropology, I took courses in religion and psychology, meditated at a Buddhist temple, and traveled the world working in both hospitality and community development organizations.

In 2014 a series of events led me to resume writing. Taken in by the power of an authentic professional narrative, resume writing led to career coaching, and then to a deep dive into applied positive psychology and narrative crafting.

Today, my career and life coaching build upon the wisdom of experience, the tools of life coaching, and the evidenced-based outcomes of applied positive psychology to support and partner with my clients on their journey to clarity and fulfillment.


What I Offer

Group Coaching

Participants are empowered to cultivate positive self-awareness; practice self-compassion; make space for self-care, and build a foundation for professional flourishing aligned to a sense of PURPOSE, honoring their VALUES and built on a foundation of HOPE.


My clients know in their gut that they have what it takes to succeed, but they need some support along their way to build clarity and or confidence. Working with a coach helps you to realize and stretch your dreams — to define and create your very own vision for success..

Narrative Crafting

Your professional narrative is crucial to your success as a professional. Nail down your narrative and you are prepared for networking, job seeking, authority building or getting that start-up funding. I write resumes, LinkedIn profiles and bios.

Work with Alison

In working with Alison over the past few months, she helped me develop a strong resume and Linkedin profile. During this time, she guided me on how to network properly with people in my field and grow my network. Alison made it possible to get in contact with a business I really wanted to work for, and helped me all the way to get hired. Working with Alison helped me springboard my career path much further than I could do on my own. - Career Pivot

"“Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”

Michelle Obama, Becoming

"Finally I was able to see that if I had a contribution I wanted to make, I must do it, despite what others said. That I was OK the way I was. That it was all right to be strong.”

Wangari Maathai

"“Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.”

Brené Brown


Career and Life Tips

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