~ Brene Brown

I’ve always been different.

At least that’s what I thought…

When I was four years old, my school’s head-teacher shared with my mom that I asked rather large questions and had a voracious curiosity for someone my age. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I collect knowledge and that I am not afraid to ask deep questions.

And yet, just like most people, at times I let my fears and worries hold me back. I’ve had to learn to ask for help and to accept that I cannot control all aspects of my life and or my relationships. 

On the outside, I may look courageous, but from the age of about 8 or 9 to 33, I said “no” to so many things that might have brought me joy, because I was scared to say “yes.”

Instead of chasing dreams, I played it safe, I packed my big ideas into a little box, somewhere at the bottom of my soul, and tried my best to conform. It didn’t work. I became small and dark and angry.

At age 33, in 2010, I hit bottom. It was at this point I decided to be the President of my Life. I’ve spent the last decade unpacking my little box, living out my values, celebrating my strengths, and learning to lead myself with compassion and love.

I am still a work in progress, but each day, each month, each year, I am advancing with measurable progress.

Today, I want to invite you to put your skin (and your brain and heart) in the game. Join me on this journey in making an impact.

Investing in your future is an investment in self-care. I invite you to trust in your future — if you need a little help — I’ll hold the light at the end of your tunnel.

So, pop me that email, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Instagram, and let me know where you feel stuck, afraid, or uncertain, and I’ll help you find your way to the light. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

Let’s make an IMPACT together.

Alison the coach

In addition to career and life crafting, I leverage-positive neuroscience and the coaching mindset to bring new insights to community-led and sustainable development in Madagascar. I commit a minimum of ten percent of all my proceeds to go towards creating prosperity, reducing hunger, and building a circular economy here in Madagascar.

If you’d like to help with emergency famine relief please make a one-time donation here through Go Fund Me.

If you’d like to commit long-term support to build sustainable communities I invite you to become a patreon. Be a part of a massively different and impactful, culturally competent community-led development.

Be the change.

Alison's family

My dating profile.

(Just kidding, I am happily married!) 

I am a Colorado Girl transplanted to France in 2013 and then to Madagascar in 2018. With my childhood spent frolicking in the Rocky Mountains, my first loves are nature, physical geography, and sleeping under the stars, but I need people. I’ll try just about anything once. I enjoy most things I try.

My grandmothers and all the strong women in my family have been my inspiration for years; they also taught me, my great love of baking, cooking, traveling, and doing yoga. All this given that one of them never made it off the ground in an airplane, and the other didn’t bake. I am grateful that as a young woman, my mom imparted in me the gift of unabashed joyful confidence and kindness.

To me, life is about making love, practicing compassion, making connections, pursuing excellence, leaving the world better than when I arrived.

I am passionate about sparking joy in others, beautiful things, tasty food, anything handmade with love. I love to move my body, to laugh, to sleep, to read, to yoga, to run, and to try new things.

As someone who’s always loved a job well-done, I’ve been drawn to positions of leadership since childhood. From community organizing to management, I am passionate about speaking up for what is right and guiding individuals to do and be their best.

As a pacifist married to a retired soldier [conundrum], I am a cowgirl and a city-slicker [conundrum]. An American and an Expat. An immigrant and possibly an emigrant. I am a stranger in a strange land and get called that every day here, and yet I feel at home. The Malagasy word is Vazaha — sometimes it’s a compliment, sometimes it’s a statement of fact, and sometimes it’s not so nice. I am reminded each day that I am both a foreigner and that I am welcome.

Coaching is "doing the work" | ICF | CPC | CAPP

My coaching builds upon my own journey from career confusion to a career calling.  With 20+ years of experience working both managing, coaching, and training employees; I leverage this deep knowledge of the workplace with my training as a life coach and positive psychology practitioner, to partner with my clients guiding you to fulfilling work.

As a coach, I hold the space for you to explore and define your own path. Through active listening and direct communication, I guide you in answering your own questions and setting goals. I help you to see clearly, follow your intuition and move forward to a carer you love.

My skills and techniques developed from and are founded in my work in human resources and management, nonprofit management, leadership, community development, and management training.

Working as a Career and Leadership coach and mentor since 2015, I am a Certified Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) practitioner earned through The Flourishing Center in 2019. I graduated from the International Coach Academy with a Certificate in Professional Coaching at the PCC level in June 2020. I am actively preparing my dossier for credentialing as an International Federation of Coaches (ICF) Associate Certified Coach. This means that I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and I am focused on cultivating the ICF Core Competencies. When we start work we will sign a contract of coaching services that define payment terms and that also establishes a Coaching Agreement.

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