I’ve always been different.

Today, I see this as a positive.

That wasn’t always the case.

When I was four years old, my school’s head-teacher shared with my mom that I asked deep questions and had a voracious curiosity for someone my age. To this day, I collect knowledge, and that I am not afraid to ask big questions.

In 4th grade (9-years old), my class put on a Shakespear play and got the part of Narrator, which came with a gorgeous purple velvet robe with a golden rope sash. Thrilled, as I tied the belt with pride, two girls in my class sneered, “don’t you look fat!” And just like that, I let them snuff out my joy in a single breath. 

I spent the next 30 years of my life avoiding belts and any clothing that might make me look fat. On the outside, I looked courageous. My friends and family saw the beauty of my soul and the authenticity of my smile. And yet, I felt like a fraud. 

I grew like a weed in middle school to be (with two other girls) the tallest in our class. I started to dress in black and hide my face with my hair. I thought that ugly, fat, and dumb; the best I could do was recede into the shadows. 

From the age of about 9 to 33, I said “no” to so many things that might have brought me joy because I was scared to say “yes.” Inside I felt sure that I didn’t deserve the offer or that my invitations came out of pity, not joy. 

Instead of chasing my dreams, I played it safe; I packed my big ideas into a little box, somewhere at the bottom of my soul, and tried my best to conform. 

It didn’t work. I became small and dark and angry. I got mad at my toddler son for no fault of his own. I lost interest in my marriage and pretty much everything in my daily life. 

At age 33, in 2010, I hit bottom. 

It was at this point I decided to be the President of my Life. I’ve spent the last decade unpacking my little box, living out my values, celebrating my strengths, and learning to lead myself with compassion and love. I started down the journey to unconditional self-love. And to learn to love others with empathy and my wholeheart.  

I’ve read, and I’ve studied, I’ve received coaching, and I’ve worked with and under master coaches. I’ve studied positive psychology and positive intelligence as a coach.

It’s become my “Hippocratic oath,” so to say, to share what I’ve learned because I cannot imagine keeping the freedom and joy that I feel inside, just for myself. I believe in human flourishing, not just for me but for all humans.

I am still a work in progress, but each day, each month, each year, I am advancing with measurable progress. At times, I start to let my fears and worries hold me back, but I’ve learned to flip the switch quickly. I’ve learned to ask for help and accept that I cannot control all aspects of my life and relationships. I’ve learned to find the gift or possibility in many negatives, including learning (alongside my husband) how to transform PTSD to post-traumatic growth (PTG). 

Today, I want to invite you to put your skin (and your brain and heart) in the game. Join me on this journey in making an impact.

Investing in your future is an investment in proper self-care. I invite you to trust in your future and to embrace your true self — if you need a little help — I’ll hold the light at the end of your tunnel.

So, pop me that email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Instagram, and let me know where you feel stuck, afraid, or uncertain, and I’ll help you find your way to the light. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

Let’s embrace a world in which we ALL can flourish. 

Let’s make an IMPACT together.

Alison the coach

I draw on learnings and tools from positive psychology, neuroscience, and positive intelligence as part of my offerings to my clients seeking career and life crafting. I also leverage a coaching mindset to bring new insights to community-led and sustainable development in Madagascar. In 2021, I am setting the goal to pass on 10% of my profits to reinvest in building a circular economy here in Madagascar.

If you’d like to commit long-term support to build sustainable communities, I invite you also to become a patreon. Be a part of a massively different and impactful, culturally competent community-led development.

Be the change.

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I work with passionate women

Coaching is "doing the work" | ICF | CPC | CAPP| Mental Fitness Coach

My coaching builds upon my own journey from career confusion to a career calling.  With 20+ years of experience working both managing, coaching, and training employees; I leverage this deep knowledge of the workplace with my training as a mental fitness coach and as a life coach, with my background in career crafting and applied positive psychology. As a coach, I partner with my clients to guide them to find fulfilling work and to craft a flourishing life.

As a coach, I hold the space for you to explore and define your own path. Through active listening and direct communication, I guide you in answering your own questions and setting goals. I help you to see clearly, follow your intuition and move forward to a carer you love.

My skills and techniques developed from and are founded in my work in human resources and management, nonprofit management, leadership, community development, and management training.

Working as a Career and Leadership coach and mentor since 2015, I am a Certified Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) practitioner earned through The Flourishing Center in 2019. I graduated from the International Coach Academy with a Certificate in Professional Coaching in June 2020. In March 2021, I joined the Advanced Coach Training program for Positive Intelligence, led by Shirzad Charmine. 

I am certified as an ACC through the International Federation of Coaches (ICF). 

This means that I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and I am focused on cultivating the ICF Core Competencies. When we start work we will sign a contract of coaching services that define payment terms and that also establishes a Coaching Agreement.

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