What is stopping you from crafting a life aligned with your worldview?

Not sure you have a worldview?

You do. We all do.

If you feel stuck or frustrated at work or in life, it's likely because you are living out of alignment with what you believe.

The first step to crafting a job, a career, or a life you live is to understand who you are and what you believe. With this knowledge, you can create a vision for the impact you want to make on this world.

This will guide you to craft your current job to fit your needs better or to find a new job. Or it might inspire you to finally start your own business, retire early, or do something else that you've always dreamed of.

What is holding you back?

Not sure? I can help.

Life Work Purpose

I do the work I do because I believe in you and your purpose.

Every day I help clients to own their strengths and their story, to be proud of what they have done, and cultivate hope.

I define HOPE as your ability to articulate your vision for the future and your path to get there.

I know that you can craft a career and a life that allows you to flourish at work and at home.

The science of life crafting and the last 20-years of research into applied positive psychology and the field of coaching back me up.

My clients

I work with smart, driven women who seek the words and the courage to tell their stories and craft the career and lives of their dreams.

I can support you with career and life crafting to plan a pivot, start a business, or reinvent your situation completely.
Perhaps you’ve got a successful career, but you are aching to let go of the anxiety and pressure of “mainstream” living so that you can craft a life aligned with your values, goals, and unique world view.

You can find the balance between work and life, finances and health, recreation and education, it will be more of a dance of agency, but it’s totally possible.

As your coach, I will guide you through the process that is right for where you are today.

As your coach, I will guide you through the right process for where you are today.
It is important to me to be inclusive of individuals both underrepresented and under-supported in mainstream western and corporate culture.

My clients are scientists and writers, engineers, and creatives. They work in high-impact nonprofits, major corporations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.
Who you are and what you do is up to you; guiding you to craft, own, and tell your story, is my art.

My clients live all over the world and come from many different backgrounds. What I do is universal.

I invite you to find your place amongst them.

Be You, Make an Impact & Flourish

Live your VALUES.

Celebrate your STRENGTHS.

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Job Crafting

Career Crafting

Life Crafting


Hey, I am Alison!

I am your career and life crafting coach, your champion, cheerleader, co-conspirator, and catalyst. I’ve spent my career learning how to help you flourish at work and in life. My passion is helping high achieving, smart, compassionate individuals get past fears and preconceptions to grow a career and life in a way beyond what you think is possible.  Work with me to live your life with joy, and do your [career] thing with agency, freedom, and on your own terms.

Alison Rakotonirina

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