Resume & LinkedIn Service

Resume and LinkedIn Services start at $250

  • If you are currently employed, and you are ready for your next challenge (better pay, more responsibility, more exciting work, the list goes on).
  • If you are looking to transition careers or fields; you have a robust set of skills and experiences, and yet you are unsure how to demonstrate and transfer your expertise authentically and powerfully.
  • If you have been out of the work-force for several years and you are fearful of the “gap” while also proving that your skills are relevant and sharp.
  • If you continue to apply for jobs for which you are qualified, but you can’t seem to get anywhere.
  • If you are a recent graduate and you are unsure how to formulate your ideal job search.

I successfully help job seekers from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to find not just any job, but a position that is worth your time and dedication. Don’t settle; you work hard, and you deserve work you love!

What does my resume service entail?

  1. First, we start with a brief email or phone consult to clarify your situation and schedule your service. This consult is free to all potential clients.
  2. Next, I send you a 30 question questionnaire to get as many details about your experience as possible and build out a human-centered resume. Please return this at by the specified deadline, so that our work remains on schedule.
  3. Once I receive your questionnaire, I start work on your resume according to our agreed upon schedule. I will provide you the first draft of your professional summary and the first draft of your resume within in 48 hours.
  4. Upon receiving your feedback, I will create a second draft of your resume and produce a report outlining each step for you maximize your LinkedIn profile. You will have 48-hours (unless otherwise discussed beforehand) to submit additional edits.
  5. Once I submit you a final draft of your resume, your professional profile and your LinkedIn report, I am available to make small edits and or provide brief feedback for the next three months.

How do I do it?

You deserve a BRILLIANT LinkedIn Profile and a supporting resume. Few things are as crucial to your job search as a clear and targeted LinkedIn Profile and a human-centered resume. I will work closely with you to define your strengths and create a stellar resume that demonstrates what you have to offer. I focus on drawing out your personal narrative that shows what you can offer to a potential employer even after a break in employment. To assure that your resume is accurate in regards to your skills and abilities in your field, I use SEO tools, including LinkedIn’s resources to verify keywords and phrases. My custom questionnaire is the secret sauce.

Why Work With Me?

Why work with me? I write professional summaries that convert. I ensure that you demonstrate your strengths and achievements with humility and accuracy. Work with me, and you will walk away with a stellar profile.

To start work, I will require that you answer a questionnaire, connect with me on LinkedIn, and share your master or current resume with me. I will deliver your final product 15 days from receipt of payment. During our contracted work period, I request that you are available to respond to questions and clarifications.

Complete my contact form and send your current resume (in whatever state it may be) to me via email. I will contact you to set-up a short 15-minute consult call (or consult email) to assure that I am the right fit for you!

Ready to get to work? I require payment upfront for all resume services.