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As a career coach and professional resume writer,
I understand how to ground a job search, pivot, or career re-entry in values, strengths, and workable goals.
As an applied positive psychology practitioner,
I’ve got a tool-box filled with evidence-based reframing exercises and mindset tips.
As a certified coach, I do the science of life coaching.
I adhere to ICF ethics, and I create a non-judgmental and safe space for you to explore, and spread your wings.

Coaching is a path to a better Future

“Great change is never comfortable. It is only realized by confident leading.”

Lucy Quist, A Bold New Normal

Why are you here?

 Do you need a job? A career? A calling?  

Are you feeling stuck in the mud, recovering from a toxic relationship?

Do you seek to align your potential with work that finally let’s you get ahead?

Are you a caretaker? Unemployed? Are you a community leader or a CEO?

Are you trying to figure out how to juggle work and life without anxiety?

Would you like more joy and less doubt?

I offer career, life and leadership coaching with a focus on empowering

you to go after your dreams with confidence, joy, and grit.

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The Future of Work

Be Brilliant. Be You.

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Let Go Of The Hustle-And-Struggle Learn How to Lead Yourself

For women ready to transform their lives and the world.

Live Your Best Life

Coaching for Career Pivots, Confidence, Goal Setting, and Leadership.

Be Brilliant. Be You. Do You.

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   Define your why and choose your direction 

To find work you love, you need to be persistent and stick to your guns.

As your guide, I will help you find your “why” and translate it into your “how” for a career and a life you love.

Realistic strategy and guidance. No guru, prince charming or fairy godmother needed.

  There is nothing wrong with being you!

Everyone needs a champion — I am yours.

Even better, I’ll show you how to turn your inner critic into an inner mentor.

Engage your values, embrace your passions, and celebrate your unique worth. You can build a career of purpose with confidence and direction.

   Do not let humility be confused with mediocrity.

Together we will map your accomplishments and potential. We will build an accountability strategy that you can stick to. 

I’ll coach you to speak about your work, your goals, and your dreams with confidence and joy! 

You will launch your (new) life and career.

“It is not often that you find someone who can weave your words and ideas seamlessly into an accurate personal narrative. […] Alison actively transformed my profile to powerfully and authentically capture my professional accomplishments.”

Director of Human Resources

My clients

Are you one of them? I work a lot with women in career transition, parents re-entering the workforce, creatives, and individuals who wish to build freelance careers or careers as digital nomads. 

It is important to me to be inclusive of individuals both underrepresented and under-supported in corporate culture.

My clients are a diverse bunch, and range from high impact entrepreneurs to individuals ready to plan their first career pivot. I’m sure you will find your place amongst them.

Here are some examples of people I have worked with:

  • HR Director of a university
  • Tech Startup CEO
  • Military Veteran
  • Health and Wellness Professional
  • Location independent UX Writer
  • Accidental Psychic

post it note: be yourself

Don’t be a Career Chameleon.

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