Be You & Flourish

Live your VALUES. Celebrate your STRENGTHS. Lead yourself with COMPASSION. 

Find the courage to connect your work to your purpose.

This is your life, it is your choice to own and tell your story.

Be the Queen Bee of your Destiny. 

Make an impact. 

Don’t let one aspect of your identity define you.

Society needs all of you to contribute to the creation of new outcomes.

Lucy Quist in A Bold New Normal

My clients

I work with women (and men) who seek the courage to tell their story and go after their dream careers. I offer job-crafting, story-coaching, job-search accompaniment, and my signature Be You & Flourish course. 

Ask yourself: Do I want a job, a career, or a calling? 

As your coach, I will guide you through the process.

It is important to me to be inclusive of individuals both underrepresented and under-supported in mainstream western and corporate culture. My clients live in the USA, Ghana, Kenya, the UK, France, Oman, Japan, Madagascar and _______?

My clients are scientists and writers, engineers and creatives. They work in high-impact nonprofits, major corporations, start-ups and as entrepreneurs. What you do is up to you, guiding you to craft, own and tell your story, is my art.

I’m sure you will find your place amongst them.

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Be You and find the Courage to Flourish

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