About Alison

I am a strategic writer that helps people like you — job seekers and consultants — convey your personal story and brand efficiently and precisely so that you can achieve your professional dreams.

Most people find resumes and LinkedIn profiles boring and tedious, but I love them. I take pleasure in getting to know my clients and helping them to achieve their career objectives. It thrills me to make you shine. With a background in leadership, management, and marketing, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge at my fingertips. Not only do I have first-hand experience hiring and coaching individuals, but I am experienced developing business plans, financial development plans, and marketing plans. Over the years I have reviewed and revised hundreds of resumes. I thrive on editing content for clarity, flow, and purpose.

I am uniquely positioned to make sure your resume and or LinkedIn profile is authentic and accurately targeted. I joined LinkedIn in 2005, and after seeing my peers, friends, family and my clients achieve success through LinkedIn, I started auditing and helping clients with LinkedIn profiles in 2014. My passion is creating value and connection. I want to see you shine. I want to see the light in your eyes and hear the passion in your voice.

My Background

In 2010 I decided to pursue my dream job with an international non-profit, while also separating from my first husband. Two major life events. One inspiring, one depressing, and both exceptionally difficult to achieve. I made it out the other side stronger and wiser.Both of these events required me to tap an inner strength and to embrace my vulnerability. Choosing to live a life we love is not easy. A few years later, I encountered yet another difficult decision, and I left my dream job to follow a new dream. This time my dreams took me abroad to build a new life and a new family.I joined the Digital Nomad Revolution and took my work online. Most of what I do is now 100% location independent. My mission as a consultant is to help you live a life you love through concise writing and effective strategy. Whether that means finding a new job or marketing yourself or your business — I am here to help you to communicate your narrative — your value — your possibility — to the right audience.I can see the big picture and help you to find your focus, narrow your objectives, and achieve your goals through effective project management and clear and concise communications. Whether you hire me to re-create your resume, to edit your LinkedIn profile, to create content or to ghostwrite, you can be confident that your narrative will show your human side, while demonstrating your unique value.For now, you can find me with my family in the Pays Basque on the Atlantic coast of France. I am so happy to be here, both the mild climate and proximity to the ocean and the Pyrenees mountains suit me. Our family loves to travel, to entertain guests and stay active. To maintain my inner zen, I write, I run, I do yoga and meditate, I bake, and of course, I like to enjoy a nice glass of French wine.

In a world measured in bits, bytes, and follows, being authentic and strategic has never been more important. Your success depends on what you say and how you say it. My mission is to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Let’s work together!