• Life is too short to sell yourself short.  I will lead you to success through creating a brilliant resume and LinkedIn profile. If you need coaching, I combine experience with an effective strategy.

Brilliant Resumes

Is this your first resume or is your current resume older than 2 to 5 years? Are you afraid to sound braggadocious, pompous or simply boring? Is your resume longer than a single page (or two pages for experienced candidates)?

You deserve a BRILLIANT resume. Few things are as important to your job search as a clear and targeted resume. I will work closely with you to define your strengths and create a stellar resume that demonstrates what you personally have to offer.

Don't settle. Expect the best from yourself and your resume!

My resume writing service involves several revisions. This is not a process to be rushed. Make sure you commit the time to responding to my questions and revisions.

To get the job you want and live a life you love you need to invest in yourself. You deserve a stellar resume. Contact me today and let's get to work!

LinkedIn Audit

LinkedIn Profile Audit

Are you short on time and or patience and yet you need to optimize your profile? Do you want to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer? Do you have an ineffective or an incomplete LinkedIn profile? 

My LinkedIn Profile Audit is just for you. I will review your profile and send you a report with specific and easy to follow instructions for improving your content, updating details, inserting keywords and key phrases, organizing features and optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

With my LinkedIn Audit you will know exactly what you need to create a fully-functional and All-Star rated profile.

My guarantee? If you follow my instructions to a "T" and you still don't earn an All-Star rating, I will personally review your profile a second time. If I cannot find the cause I will issue you a $25 refund.

Who needs a LinkedIn profile? Everyone. Contact me today and let's get to work!

Resume coaching

Resume Coaching

Do you have tons of experience, but you lack confidence in your writing? Do you have a resume, but you're not seeing the results you want? Are you afraid to sound braggadocious? You are not alone!

Let me help you find your focus. I'll turn your experience and your passion into biographical content that shines without blinding.  Sometimes we can all benefit from a little help!

Send me your resume and I will create a customized questionnaire and specific suggestions that will help you to identify the weaknesses in your resume. I will layout the steps you need to take to tweak your content and match your tone to appropriately target your resume. 

This is the ideal budget-friendly and do-it-yourself option! Learn my secret to creating a brilliant resume all on your own.

Build confidence in yourself and your job-search. Contact me today!

Ready to get to work? Fill out my Contact Form and I will be in touch.

Please make sure you let me know your timeline. Payment (via PayPal) is due upfront, before we start work.

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