How To Let Go Of The Hustle-And-Struggle Culture and

Celebrate Becoming You!

(Because You Are Already Perfect…😉)

There are coaching programs where the coach claims to have ALL the answers…

Or where the coach naively promises, “just do this and you’ll live happily ever after in

a land of butterflies and unicorn smiles!”

🦋  🦄  🌸 🦋  🦄  🌸


Well, my Becoming YOU! group coaching program is different.

Instead, you will uncover and step into your power.  And learn to be resilient. Living well is about bouncing back and savoring what we do have. 

You will learn to embrace life on your terms with your unique worldview, experience and family intact!

Here, no one will tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, you’ll learn to tune in with your “you” ness and discover that. 

Because let’s be frank, we all want instant transformation and flawless fairy-tale promises…Helloooo! fairy Godmother? Are you there…”

But that isn’t what you truly need…

You need to strip away the layers, the defenses, the “should” and “musts” and “have tos” to become your true self. Courage comes from knowing ourselves and solving our own problems.

Why did I create Becoming You?

For the last decade, I’ve watched and listened to my fellow women as we encounter the struggles of daily life. I’ve read and experienced the stress levels and anxiety levels reported by American moms, but also by moms, and women who are not moms, around the world.

Over the last decade, I’ve experienced divorce, miscarriages, quitting my job, and life as an expat and as a military spouse. There’ve been moments that I could have given up and thrown in the towel, and when some people in my life told me to “just accept life as it is.” And yet something inside drove me forward. I know now that this forward movement came from a healthy combination of HOPE and GRIT.

The little things I did, the hope I had, the direction I visualized, these all mattered. The mindset, the reframes, the tools that kept me going are real.

As I’ve traveled my path, I’ve learned some of these tools on my own, some by necessity and some as the gift of programs, such as my retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh or studies in Applied Positive Psychology through the Flourishing Center in NYC.

These tools have helped me to get to a point in my life where I can say that I struggle well and where my average levels of stress have gone down, and my average levels of happiness have gone up.

I’ve lowered my blood pressure, healed an irritable gut and annoying eczema, I feel stronger mentally and physically than ever before. When I did my certificate in positive psychology, I had the gift of being in class weekly with 20 amazing people from around the world, and that is when I realized I needed to create a GROUP coaching program.

I can certainly share the tools and techniques of life and career coaching with individual clients, but what magic to be able to bring together a group of women and share them together?

I want you to look in a mirror and love what you see inside and out. It took me forever to get to this point myself and it pains me to hear and see my fellow women doubt, judge and criticize themselves. 

You are enough. You are amazing. 

And, this is why I’ve created Becoming You.


Our sessions will be a mix of evidenced-based knowledge and actionable tools that can help anyone live better with less stress and more joy.

Session 1: Make stress your friend

Session 2: Limiting beliefs & ANTs

Session 3: Vitality

Session 4: Importance of Values

Session 5: Know and live your strengths

Session 6: Real self-care is self-awareness + compassion

Session 7: Let it go (and put it all together)

Session 8: Meaning and Purpose not Passion

Session 9: Real change and habit building

Session 10: Vision – define you

Session 11: Creating hope and direction

Session 12: Becoming You SMART+ Goals

This content and all tools will be shared with the opportunity for you to ask questions, explore and understand how to implement lasting change.

Our private sessions will be on topics set by you the client; my current and past clients have worked with me on subjects such as:

  • Re-entering the workforce
  • Defining yourself as a leader
  • Planning a career pivot
  • Planning an exit from a traditional career to freelance or remote.
  • Confidence building


What do you deeply crave in life

And what does your life actually look like

If there’s a yawning chasm between the two of those…it’s time for that to change

How Would It Feel to Live Life in which you…

~ Savor the simple pleasures by being happy with exactly what you have today? 

~ Finally discover the confidence to genuinely celebrate yourself with joy and without reverting to shame, guilt or negative thoughts of “I am not enough?”

~  Know intrinsically that you are already enough, worthy and full of value. Your very existence in this world is full of meaning. 

~ Play! Feeling free to be silly, goofy and enjoy life in the little moments without worrying about the judgy judgers who go around judging. 

~ Tackle your health matters – but not in an image-based way and without anxiety. You’ll learn to nourish your body and soul gently, with love. 

Accept that life happens and the only thing certain is CHANGE! Learning from your mistakes, cultivating grit and expressing your emotions. 

~ Live a life full of meaning and purpose without getting lost in the details or the daily annoyances. You’ll learn to take time to breathe, meditate and visualize to create a life of peace

~ You feel connected to the world around you and the people in it. A true, deep, satisfying connection that makes every moment feel special.  


What do my clients think? 

Thank you 🙏 for all you do for me. Your coaching is beautifully done. My intention is to be myself no matter what. I am enough. It’s okay. My best is good. Baby steps.

Current Career & Executive Coaching Client

Alison was great in helping me find clarity and launch my new business! I was impressed by her depth of expertise, great questions and all the help she offered.

Barbara, Career Coaching Client

It was a pleasure working with Alison. Starting with the StrengthsFinder test really helped put things into perspective for me. With each session, I was able to articulate and clarify my ideal career, and working with Alison helped me to see how I could work toward that career now. She helped me break things down into manageable steps, and she encouraged me to hold on to my dream. With the tools and insights I gained from working with Alison, I am in the process of building a meaningful and fulfilling coaching practice. If you want to create a satisfying and fulfilling career, I highly recommend working with Alison.

L'Shawn, Make Your Mark (Becoming You's Predecessor) Coaching Program

Why Group Coaching + Private?

  1. In our Group Coaching Sessions, we will learn about and discussed evidenced-based tools and concepts, such as why and how stress is GOOD, or how to stop a limiting belief in its tracks.
  2. Group Coaching Sessions will give you TOOLS to address limiting beliefs and learn how to build grit. We will have the opportunity to discuss ideas, and to see that even or in spite of diverse backgrounds, we as women share many common experiences.
  3. Group Coaching Sessions will give us the space to build our sisterhood in a safe place; you will be matched with an accountability partner, and feel a greater sense of connection and support as a woman. The program is capped at 10 women. 
  4. In your private 1-on-1 sessions you have the freedom to explore ideas and topics that come up in our group sessions and or that you bring in from your personal life.
  5. In your private 1-0n-1 sessions you will get to focus on building your own personal self-awareness — these times will be for you — and you only.

The Becoming You group coaching program transforms every piece of your life by uncovering who you really are!

Now is the time to use a little science and mindset magic to replace the everyday stress of life with joy and resilience

Ready to actually enjoy your life and learn to savor every moment?

How does reading this page FEEL?

Does it cause something to stir…

In your heart?

In your body?

In your mind?

In your soul? 

Are you to experience less stress and more joy?  Yes?

  • I am ready to replace the stress of my crazy life with joy, create wealth in mind, body, and bank, for myself and my family, and doing the work that I love and I choose to do!
  • I’m ready to be free from the stress of perfection.
  • I’m ready to be free from all the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) and by the details and daily annoyances!
  • I’m ready to live a life of true, lasting vitality!
  • I’m ready to BE ME! Authentically, joyfully, ME!

Group Sessions start the week of January 20, 2020, and run until May 2020. We will meet for 90 Minutes on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM EST (8:30 AM MST).😃 Private sessions will be scheduled at your convenience.


Here’s what you’ll Learn & experience: 

*The secrets to using grit & joy to balance your life and that dream career without sacrificing either part.

*Develop an unbeatable mindset that lets you overcome any challenge life throws at you.

*How to create a fulfilling, balanced life in every important area…family, health, wealth, and spirituality.

* In-depth self-analysis that coaxes out your most fulfilling strengths. You’ll get straight into your unique potential and surpass your goals fast.

*The Becoming You leans on evidenced-based positive psychology tools and methods that meet you right in the moment.

*With immediate action, you’ll be moving straight towards your goals while traveling your own unique, personal pathway to success.

* Weekly group interaction so you can get input from like-minded individuals – a sister-hood of inspired peers! (You’ll benefit from hundreds of years of life experience and feminine wisdom in just a single session!)

* Get one-on-one attention to smash through your challenges quickly. OR learn to take the time to reflect!

*Spend your time fully present with loved ones and in creative mode. 

*Delete the worries in the back of your mind about not doing enough or not being good enough

*Stop wasting precious hours, minutes and sleep time agonizing over making the RIGHT decision.


Becoming You group coaching program

Waiting for another opportunity? A more convenient time to join? 

One where you have more energy/time/money

There isn’t one. 

This is your moment! This one. Right now. 

I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you! You’re going to love this…

Here’s to your new life of joyful imperfection and freedom! 😉

Your Coach,

Alison Rakotonirina

P.S. – But don’t just take my word for it… take a look at these testimonials! 

Before working with Alison, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t be able to pull together my experience into a concise, understandable narrative. My job prospects before we worked together were all over the map! After working together, I felt great about my job prospects, and I received a job offer at from a dream company! It feels great to be working full time after not being in the workforce for so long. I also feel like I’m better prepared to keep looking for my dream job or advance within my current company.

Make Your Mark Client #2 (Now Becoming You!)

Hi Alison, You’ve been working with a dear friend of mine and she’s been extremely impressed with how much you’ve helped her grow her confidence and find her direction. During a recent conversation I relayed to her a desire to make a career change and she recommended I get in touch with you! I am hoping you can help me find a direction and set a course of action. 

Make Your Mark Coaching Client #1 referring me to #3! (Now Becoming You)